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Ireland - The Wild Atlantic Way 

If you've been watching our YouTube videos, you'll know that we started our Europe journey in Ireland. Even though Tania was brought up in Dublin, there was so much of the country that she hadn't be to or explored. It's typical isn't it? That we can easily take for granted what's right on our back garden. 

The plan was to spend two weeks driving the West Coast of Ireland along the famous 'Wild Atlantic Way', known as the world's largest tourist coastal route. We figured that two weeks (give or take) would be plenty of time 'cause Ireland is a pretty small country and all that... Well, we loved it so much that we ended up staying for two MONTHS. Needless to say, we highly recommend Ireland as a road trip destination. The dramatic landscape, the epic wild camping spots & the Irish hospitality, makes Ireland, Vanlife Heaven. In fact, Tania wrote this blog post capturing all our learnings + tips, to help & inspire anyone interested in doing vanlife Ireland.

Since we stayed longer than planned, we ended up making three travel films instead of one.  Sit back & watch our Wild Atlantic Way trilogy here or embedded below. 

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