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One of our most frequently asked questions is how we make money on the road. In Episode 7 of our Jits Podcast, we shared in detail our different revenue streams and how much we earn from each (alongside how you could make money whilst travelling with inspiring examples from our wonderful nomad community! It's a great episode, so definitely worth a listen!). 

For us our workstreams look like this: 

YouTube: Ad Revenue + Brand Sponsorships 

Instagram Content: Mostly Self-funded + odd brand partnership

Podcast Production: Entirely Self-funded

Website + Newsletter: Entirely Self-funded

To give you an idea, over the last 3 years that we have created films on YouTube, we have grown our community to 65K subscribers, produced 26 videos with over 2.7 million views, and to date (as of October 2022) we have made a total of £7,608.09 from YouTube ad revenue. That's equivalent to a salary of £105 each per month since we started. 

This is why we are very fortunate to have had our savings to see us through the first year of our travels and that we've been able to freelance in between road-trips to top-up the piggy bank! However, we never imagined that we would be continuing to do YouTube three years later or that we would have started a weekly Podcast. Luckily van life is A LOT cheaper than renting in London but producing content still takes up a lot of our time and costs money to run (eg. camera equipment, editing software, website costs, etc.). So it is thanks to our brand sponsors and to YOU that we are able to continue. 

You can support us for FREE by interacting with our content & sharing it with friends - word of mouth helps us greatly!

If you have the means to, you can support our work by joining our Patreon community and pledging a monthly amount that works for your budget. This will help us buy fuel and continue to produce our travel films & podcasts. And in exchange, we share exclusive content with you, as part of our close-knit community!

We want our Patreon community to be all-inclusive which is why we have made all 'perks' available to everyone, no matter how big or small your monthly contribution is. 

And once you have been a Patreon for 3 months, we will add your name to the end credits of our films on YouTube. 

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